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Travelling the world with man’s best friend

Posted by on Nov 29, 2015

Different people have different dreams in life. Some want to pursue their education, some want to be successful in life; others want to have their own families while some want to travel the world. In travelling, a few people like to go alone while others prefer to have companions like a family member, a close friend or even your pet! However, a lot of difficulties and problems may arise when you bring your pet with you during travel. Different places have different rules and regulation when it comes to allowing foreign people access to their places. Some may be very strict while others may be lenient.

For a lot of people, it may be difficult to travel with your pets but they don’t need to worry anymore for there is a vet in Ayrshire that will help you in preparing everything you need in travelling with your pet. This vet is called Ivybank vet. You can find them in the internet. If you try to visit their website, you will learn almost everything you need to know when it comes to your pet from knowing how to care for your pet’s health to how to choose the right pets, even exotic ones, to knowing the basics in travelling with pets.

Some of the things you need to remember when travelling with pets include having a passport for your pet for some countries don’t allow pets with no passport. This might be for security purposes. You should also remember that when travelling with pets, you should make sure that your pets is vaccinated from rabies and/ or tapeworms. This is to make sure that your pet will be healthy during your trip. Also this is to make sure that your pet will not harm other people or animals. There are also some places that require your pets to be micro chipped. Again this is for security purposes. This will also be helpful for you as an owner since both you and your pet will be in a new place that is not familiar; it is easy for you to get lost. This is also the same with your pets but with the help of the microchip, it will be easy for you to look for your pet. And of course, before travelling, you have to make sure that your pet is physically and psychologically prepared to travel. It might be difficult to travel if your pet is sick or has some kind of disease, or if you’re pet is not prepared to travel. Your pet might throw tantrums, which will surely ruin the whole trip. It will certainly not be nice to travel with a stubborn companion.

These are only a few of the many things you need to take into consideration. For more information, feel free to visit their website at You will surely learn a lot of things from them. You can also contact them for queries. They have their contact information found on their website.

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Some tips on How to Take Care of your Pet

Posted by on Nov 29, 2015

After having a pet like dog or a cat, we have to make sure that their health is in good condition. When an animal starts to get weak, we will likely worry about them, and we want to know what to do. There are vets who you can always count on when it comes to your pet’s welfare. There are checkup they are going to do and will diagnose what could be the disease that is being a burden to your pet. It is important to know what their disease is as soon as possible so you will be able to do what treatment needed for the pet.

Pets, especially dogs, are what they say can be our best friend. They can be there when you need a friend. So it is good to know the health care tips that you can follow so your pet can live comfortably and longer than expected. First thing that you need to do is you need to bring your pet to vet for a regular exam. Just like a human, pets can also get heart concerns, can develop arthritis, and can also have toothaches. To prevent this from happening as early as possible you need to see a vet every year. Annual visit can help you in keeping your pet healthy.

The next thing you need to do is neuter your pet and spay as well. By doing this you are preventing your pet from ending up in a shelter and making your pet unwanted. This is lowering the risk of cancers as well. Prevent your pet from getting parasites as well, as this is most common to pets. If this is not prevented they might suffer from hair loss, irritated skin, infection and hot spots. When your pet swallows a flea, it can end up having tapeworms. And we don’t want this to happen to our pets.

Getting your pet regular vaccinations can prevent your favorite pet from illnesses such as distemper, rabies, canine hepatitis and feline leukemia. Your pet needs to be immunized depending on their lifestyle, age, risks and health. Then make sure also that you maintain their weight, for a healthier pet that you’ll have. This is to avoid some other diseases as well. And most importantly, provide your pet a dental care too from your vet. Always remember that your pet is like a human; they also can have the same feeling that humans are feeling too.

Having a pet is a responsibility that you should take once you’ve decided to adopt a pet. You need to be ready especially on emergency concerns of your pet. There are emergency vets Wigan that can be available anytime for an emergency case for your pet. Always make sure that you have enough time for your pet so you will be able to know what their needs are and also how they can be happy like you. Your pet needs love and care so make sure to show them how important they are for you always.

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Pet Care: Where To Go?

Posted by on Nov 29, 2015

Pets. They can be dogs, cats or hamsters. Snakes and lizards can be pets too. You can keep any pet you want as long as it is not against the ordinances set on where you live in. Pets can be our companions, stress relievers and sometimes our emotional therapists. We sometimes treat our pets not only as our best friend, but also as one of our family members. They give us comfort in both physical and emotional aspect. They give us happiness and companionship. Not only that, they supply us with a one- of- a – kind love that we can’t find anywhere else.

One of the responsibilities as a pet owner is to provide tender love and care for our pets. We always want our pets to be happy and energetic. We always want to make sure that our pets’ health is in good condition but we cannot do that alone. Expert advice and expert help should be present. It is a need to choose a vet that could cater all your pets’ needs. Brent knoll Veterinary Center, a vet in Worcester and Clayhill Veterinary Centre, Basildon vet are very ready for that. They provide services such as pet surgery, pet health plan, pet advice sheet and many more!

Brentknoll Veterinary Centre specializes in family pets and small animals. They don’t only cater services to the most common pets such as cats and dogs, but also with cute little hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and with cuddly ferrets. They also have particular expertise that would sometimes make other vets refer their services. Brentknoll Veterinary Centre has a professional team with exceptional skills and expertise. They also provide their professional team with the latest knowhow to deepen their competency in this kind of field. Brentknoll’s facilities and equipment are of top quality too. As much as possible, they also offer services that could cater all the needs of your pets. Brentknoll Veterinary Centre does not only provide the basics such as pet consultations and pet advice sheets but they also provide services as CT scanning, surgery, laparoscopic neutering and hydrotherapy. With all their services, don’t you think that it’s such an excellent value for your money? Their charges reflect the high quality service provided by their team to your pets. They make sure that all pets could benefit from their health care.

Clayhill Veterinary Centre on the other hand also provides professional care for you pets with the highest standards that come at an affordable price. Clayhill Veterinary Centre is open seven days a week with also a 24 hour emergency cover. They provide puppy and kittens starter packs, free puppy and kitten health checks, discounts on deworming and flea treatments and discounts on medication of chronic illnesses. Theirs professional staffs are outstandingly experienced on health care. Their services include bronchoscope and endoscope, k laser, video autoscope, cryosurgery and many more. They also offer in house referrals in accordance to your pets’ needs! ClayhillVeterenary Centre in Basildon is your one stop clinic for your pets!


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How to be stressed free from all bird problems

Posted by on Nov 29, 2015

Waking up by the birds’ whistle is very sweet and pleasing. However, not all fall on the same place because there are some birds that causes nuisance to the society these days.  Their abrupt increase in population in a certain area made them considered as pests. They are not like humans who are wise enough to think that the area that they are in is not the right spot for waste disposal. There is a vast array of places that are already pissed off by the deeds of these species which resulted to form a bird pest control group to combat this epidemic.

One of the solutions that experts formulated to combat this problem without killing or harming the lives of these precious birds is by utilizing bird proofing. When we talk about bird proofing, this is a strategic way on how to keep these birds away or to refrain from doing unhygienic ways to the façade of your building and home as well as to signage’s and monuments. This strategic planning is beneficial to both humans and birds because non-toxic and safe chemicals are used to shoo these birds away, thus assuring safety to both parties.

Deterring these birds is not an easy task most especially if it is what they are designed and used to. However, keeping the cleanliness of your house, office windows, façade of the building, etc. weighs more important than by having these species around. Though it sounded a bit harsh, this is what reality is telling us. Proofing is not designed just to keep the area clean, but to also make sure that we are not denoting a negative impression from customers and people.

Moving forward, controlling birds by the use of proofing is done contacting bird control companies who specialize in doing this task. They are already experts in keeping your windows and properties from getting dirty as well as its maintenance. If you are curious how it’s done, the following are simple steps on how they do it:

Cleaning of the surface area – Cleaning the area first is very important, well obviously to just clean up the mess before applying a non toxic solution.

Proper Application– In applying the solution, you have to make sure to weak personal protective equipments like gloves and mask. Though these solutions cannot cause toxicity, self protection should still be highly prioritized. Usually, the solution comes in a gel like substance which is best, most especially if applied on glass windows to make sure that it will not cause scratches and scratches. The application is usually done by wiping.

Effect – The effectiveness of the solution can be more appreciated after few weeks wherein it causes irritation to the birds which make them to avoid the area.

Furthermore, subscribing to the right company to do the job makes it even more effective and durable since they already mastered the process and the right way on how to do proofs. Subscribing to the right company also assures you that you can have the best solution in which proofing application and maintenance can be done for only twice a year.

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